Job Descriptions

Our Local StaffYou will be working alongside our local Indian staff. Their hours are from 8am to 6pm, with a one and a half hour lunch break. Once you have adjusted to the temperatures and recovered from your journey we would expect you to work with them assisting with a wide range of duties.

To ensure you get to see some of Goa you will be given 2 days a week off. There is also the possibility of helping at a local shelter for stray animals.


We currently have three species of Monkeys, Languar Monkeys, Bonnet Macaque and Rhesus Macaques.

You will be involved with: -

Environmental enrichment of the pens


It is a necessity that all the monkeys pens are cleaned and disinfected thoroughly to ensure the monkeys wellbeing. This is done twice daily. In the morning all of the environmental enrichment accessories (such as interactive toys, branches and stimulating feeding mechanisms ) are cleaned, replaced and refilled; the floors, perches and toys are washed and disinfected.

Welcoming Visitors
Although not open to the general public, our visitors need to be informed and supervised, as do new part time volunteers of many nationalities.


If you have any particular skills that you are prepared to assist us with kindly ensure that we are made aware of these. Maintenance is always an ongoing problem for us and any help is always greatly appreciated.


Because our vehicles are used so extensively over bad roads we spend a ridiculous amount on vehicle maintenance. If you have any skills that can reduce this outlay we would be most grateful. Kindly inform us.


One sad fact is that we never have enough time to photograph what we do. If you are good at photography and are happy to spend some time getting good photos for us to use for publicity we would be delighted.


You will be working alongside local staff but our funds are so limited we could never afford to employ as many staff as we would like. Also the cost of feeding all the monkeys and other animals is a constant drain on our resources but the biggest expense is that of maintaining and improving the enclosures.

We would also ask you to hold a number of fundraising events before you come to raise additional funds for the charity. We will be pleased to help with further information, photos etc to help you in this. After your visit we hope you will be inspired to continue fundraising for us.


In Goa on a long break?

The primate Rescue trust has a number of orphaned monkey babies in its care.

If you have the time to give half a day, or more, each week you could help in rearing these dependant babies. You will be bottle feeding and organising their care and play sessions; they are given 24 hr human care.

The primate trust is about 30 mins drive from Assagao at Camurlim.

Please Contact Us for further details.



We have a Facebook Page where we post photos and videos to keep our supporters up to date on what's happening at The Primate Trust.


Donate towrds The Primate TrustClick to see donation options available. We are happy to talk you through any queries you have and would be happy for any donation however large or small.


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