Nice Long Sunny Spells

15th July 2015

Ripe Mangoes waiting to be sold at the wholesale market
Collecting the Monkeys Mangos from the mountain at the wholesale market

Ripe Mangoes waiting to be sold at the wholesale market
Matilda Waiting For The Rain To Stop
Some nice long sunny spells in the midst of the heavy rains have made the monsoon easier than usual for the staff and monkeys. The local rice farmers on the other hand are not so happy, needing all the rain they can get.

The pool, which is usually little used by the monkeys in July, has been utilized almost daily, as the monkeys still want to cool off in the sunny spells.

In the heat and high rains the garden plants grows almost as you watch and gardening consists of little more than cutting back the overgrowth of everything, also stick a piece in the ground and you have a new plant rooted in no time! The occasional high winds bring down many local trees that are harvested of the top leafy braches by our staff for the monkey pens. Not only used as a plaything, but also to eat.

Latest Addition to the Tree House
Latest Addition to the Tree House

Mango season is at its peak and the wholesale fruit market in town has virtual mountains of them awaiting distribution. This also means masses of seconds for the monkeys who all consider them a real treat and they are first to go at feed time.

Late in the evening this week, yet another orphaned baby lagnur was bought in after its mother was killed crossing the road. At the time of writing she is still refusing to voluntarily take food or milk, and as always, all will depend on how quickly she can adjust and adapt to such a massive change in her young life. We will continue to give her round the clock care and hope for the best.


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