New Best Friends

22nd Septmeber 2014

Latest Young Langur (Around 2yrs old)
Latest Young Langur (Around 2yrs old)
On a rainy evening, we were informed that an injured langur was laying on the side of the road in Camurlim village. As we arrived, it appeared that he probably got electrocuted on the electrical line and fell to the ground after the shock. The poor monkey was fully paralyzed and could just barely move his head. Sadly, he didn't make it through the night.

A few weeks later, the forestry department brought us another young langur which required surgery for a deep wound on her thigh. Nobody can tell us where she was found or how she sustained the injury, but by the way she is behaving, there is very little chance she was a wild monkey as seems at ease with staff and volunteers.

About two months ago, we adopted a kitten found in the Mapusa market. In order to get him used to human and animal contact, he spent quite some time together with Nissa in our bedroom. Bunty (one of our dogs) saw this as an opportunity to make a new friend and insisted in coming in the bedroom to play with the kitten. The way Nissa was looking at them, I could tell she was very envious of their beautiful interaction. Every day she got a little closer and started teasing them and running away. It didn't take long for them to become amazing friends. They can spend hours running after one another. Of course Nissa knows she has the great advantage of climbing up her hanging toys and is always using it to get out of reach.

Nisa's Best Friends
Nisa's Best Friends
How could I ever have imagined sharing my bedroom with a dog which pretends being the kitten baby-sitter, a kitten playing like a monkey, a monkey thinking she is the elder sister of the two squirrels. It is so amazing to see them all play together like if they were from the same species.

Badly infected tongue
Badly infected tongue
Katrina one of the Resus Macaques developed a bad infection on her tongue. We hoped that antibiotics would do the job otherwise a part of the tongue would have to be amputated. As she was not very cooperative in drinking or eating anything which contained the medicine, it took ten days of tricks while we injected her with the medicine and thankfully her tongue healed very well.

After over a month of treatment, Blossom the dog, has had her hair slowly grow back and thankfully, she was adopted for the second time. Her new owner kindly accepted to continue the treatment until she is fully recovered.

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