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20th February 2013

Foster, the Langur monkey off to the vet
Major And Volunteer Essa
Our hands are full already with three dependant babies and 'Foster' the still sickly baby langur really needs a full time carer, to encourage him to eat and drink, and to watch over him when out in the garden or playing with our other youngsters, who get too rough with him. Because of this we put up posters, asking for volunteers from the long term holiday visitors to give ? or a full day per week to help.

Many of the visitors from abroad, come for a 3 months stay as this is the length of the tourist visa, and it allows them to get away from Europe's winter. Initially the response was quite encouraging with two ladies promising half a day once a week. Days and hours were chosen and details and full information given. From our reliable long term helpers volunteers were arranged to help them through the first session. Neither turned up, nor let us know they had changed their minds. The call of the sun bed or a bingo session at their holiday resort obviously winning out against prior good intensions.

Rita And Pipkin
Rita And Pipkin
The four new cats have settled in well and Pipkin and Rita have no fear or respect for the resident cats or the dogs. Dottie has taken up residence a few feet from the cage she was initially kept in and rarely ventures far yet. Paris, the white kitten, still takes fright and runs away before you are allowed to stroke her, but does come for her food.

Becky, another one of our older cats had to be put down this week due to cancer.

Foster, the Langur monkey off to the vet
Major And Volunteer Tom
Major has made a big step forward, John managed to get a collar on him, and then many long hours were spent by volunteers before they could get him to come for a walk in the garden with Shaylee. Major was an older baby when he was brought to us, and has remained quite wary of humans. Only recently did he start to sit on us when in his pen, having seen the others not showing any fear. It was a big step for him to go out into the garden, even with Shaylee for support and it was important for us to gain his trust while he is still young and relatively adaptable.

Evie and Ella are also progressing and I am gradually getting them used to the idea of coping without their usual lunch time break indoors. Instead of coming indoors , I have been putting them with Puck and Phooka into our large new 'play cage'
Preston's Pouches Full
Preston's Pouches Full
and they have been so involved in exploring and enjoying the new toys and environment I think they have barely noticed my withdrawal. And of course, they still come in for bottles and bed at 5pm

Preston, a young a bonnet macaque is in a pen with 4 other young males and is near the bottom of the troop in status. Because of this he nearly always gets last pickings of the food or treats, that is until he goes out for his walk when as he is a favorite amongst the staff, he briefly becomes top dog! Taking full advantage of his bullying friends absence he will fill his pouches with all the goodies he can, which he can then secretly consume in safety on his return to the pen.

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Allan Davies

First time I have seen this sight. It is wonderful! Congratulations to those involved in setting it up. Still, I wonder when you Jo, will piece these blog andproduce a book. However that may be, my best wishes to you and all the staff, and volunteers for the brilliant work you're doing.

Munna Mukherjee

Jo & John Hicks....a big folded hands namaskaar to u both....i love animals...trust them manifolds more always....but more so when my very bengali very mch indian husband ditched me fr a younger woman.....i hv stopped trusting men...he left me aftr 28 yrs of marriage....hwever to cut a long story short...i must admit i admire appreciate and hvprofound respect fr wt u r doing fr india...probably i will meet u both sm day...keeping my fingers crossed....i love animals wth all my heart...hv 4 dogs at home in gurgaon...i am currently in wales uk to see my daughter....hope to visit Goa soon....and sorry to hv bothered u wth my personal misery...bye...take care.



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