Foster, The Latest Baby Langur

8th February 2013

Foster, the Langur monkey off to the vet
Foster Going To The Vet
Foster, the latest baby langur, is still not thriving as he should, he has been three times to the International Animal Rescue center to be seen by our vets, and for every test we can think of to find the problem, as yet with no conclusion or an effective treatment. We hope for some positive feedback from the UK's monkey world as we have sent on all our results to them.
Milton and the doves
Milton Releasing The Spotted Doves
The two spotted doves grabbed by Nora have now grown enough feathers back to be released, and flew off happily, let's hope they've learnt a lesson.
A rouge male cat has been fighting with and generally terrorizing our resident cats every night, meaning that John has had to leap out of bed and run down the drive to chase him off. The trouble with setting a cat trap is that our eighteen cats may also go in, so I baited it with complete dog food biscuits, which our cats won't condescend to eat, but a stray would still find tasty.
Cinders The Cat
Cinders in the Kitchen
To our frustration 'Cinders' has now gone in and sprung it four times, even twice on the same night! Not only does she refuse to eat these biscuits if offered them, but she was originally caught in a trap herself at the fish market so should have learned her lesson. Perhaps she is just too smart and believes if by going in the trap the first time it changed her life so much for the better, by going in again, her life would again improve dramatically, or alternatively, she's just not very smart at all. Anyway the rouge male hasn't had a chance to ever go in yet, and our first step to get him neutered will have to wait.

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Evidige Jeathe

It's difficult to obtain knowledgeable individuals on this topic, but you sound like you know what you're talking about! Thanks



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