Progress On Latest Arrival

26th January 2013

Latest langur
The new and injured baby langur, about Evie's age, has been up and down, suffering from not only his injuries but mainly from shock. At the time of writing he seems to be eating well at last, with his diarrhoea improved, but it's still a long battle ahead. When found at this age, as opposed to an infant, they never accept to drink milk from a bottle or have the close and necessary support from a human mother, so everything becomes more difficult. Still he now will permit you to at least pick him up, and he has met the smaller of our langur babies and accepts them, although not being from his own troop it will take a while before they become friends.
Paris the white kitten, who turned out to be female, also took time but has now settled down and relaxed, although she is not yet adjusted to the resident dogs and our adult cats. Another kitten, this time a tortie and white with a stumpy tail. She was simply left behind when her uncaring owners moved and was spotted sitting outside the empty house crying for attention by our local 'animal man' Milton, and brought to the tree house. Milton spends most of his time, and all of his money on feeding the local dogs and cats and knows them all. We called her 'Rita' after his mother.

Spotted Dove
Spotted Dove
Nora and Chickoo
Nora and Chickoo
Nora, one of our long term resident macaques, loves cats, dogs and baby monkeys to cuddle and care for. Unfortunately she takes this caring nature to extremes as she has many times managed to grab a spotted dove, one of our local small ground feeding species, when they get too znear her pen. She doesn't mean them any harm but as they struggle to get away from her embrace their feathers get left behind. This means several weeks in a cage till enough grow back for them to fly, but they obviously don't pass on the knowledge to the others of don't scrounge too near the wire mesh!

Dennis The Monkey
Dennis, our smallest baby macaque is getting on well with Tilly and Ruby and happily spends most of the day with them now, although he would miss his fluffy blanket and bottles at night, so starts to attract our attention to his 'plight' at being in a monkey pen from 5pm when he comes indoors for a destructive play session, before bed.

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