Another Langur!

4th September 2012

hey guys, Lauren here, sorry we haven't been posting much but with dad just opening our new bar and restaurant me and my mum have had our hands full with 3 monkeys! yes we have 3 babies now! 9th of August another baby monkey arrived, this time another Langur, she's a little girl, smaller than Ella. We were told by John & Jo that the first few days were critical as to whether or not she would survive as she was so tiny! all she did was screech for her mummy for the first week or so, which was quite a headache as you can imagine! luckily she's settled down now..

John and Jo told us that all the Langurs at the Tree House are named after famous fairies and elves, so we have named this little one Evie.

Evie wouldn't take her bottle to begin with so we were squeezing milk into her mouth just to make sure she was getting some form of food. Luckily within 36 hours, Evie was taking her bottle and eating leaves, vegetables etc, and although sometimes vocal, not all the time, usually when she wants her milk. At the moment she's not playing around as much as Ella and Denis, however she loves to be held and cuddled.

i'll keep you posted as to whats happening with the 3 of them..

Take care

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