Ella & Baby Denis

22nd July 2012

Hope you enjoyed our recent update, now to bring you up to speed.

New Yamaha Pit CrewArtistic EllaFirst we have Young Ella who takes her Art very seriously, and next we have Kiran the Stunt rider for Yamaha and the Latest Pit Crew giving his bike the final tune up, with Lauren keeping a watchful eye on the proceedings.

It's easy to see why the kids are loving here at Uncle John and Aunty Jo's House, they get a huge house to play in, cute furry monkeys to fix their Bike and they get to wake up in the morning covered in Ella poop?.lol

I have to share this with you now because if he was older he'd probably kill me for sharing, Ella sleeps with Lauren and Kiran whilst Baby Denis sleeps with Jane and myself.

Two days ago, first thing in the morning Kiran walked into our room and with his arms spread out and walking very stiffly he anouced in all honesty " I didn't do it, It wasn't me, it was Ella" I had my hands full with Baby Denis so I didn't look up immediately, Jane was in the bath room so I don't think she heard him properly, so at the top of his voice he repeats " Dad? I didn't do it, It wasn't me, it was Ella" when I looked up, there he stood plastered in Ella Poop on his arms, his tummy and some on his legs, of course I said " Son are you sure it wasn't you?, I don't want you blaming Ella for something she didn't do" he turned around and said as he bent forward " look see, my bum is clean"

Kids, who'd have 'em???.lol

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You guys are doing a great Job and,Love the updates you have posted up!



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