27th August 2011

MatildaMatilda, the youngest female bonnet macaque at the Tree House is doing much better after her surgery in July. Concerns were raised after she had lost a lot of weight and was struggling to eat for some time. This is not uncommon in monkeys, and is usually the result of a parasite or stomach upset, treatable with some medication and close attention. However, whilst spending time with Matilda, John noticed what he thought to be a bit of tooth sticking through the gum in her mouth. Upon closer inspection it was discovered that there was in fact a bit of broken jaw protruding between two teeth. She had obviously had an injury from before arriving at the Tree House, and over time the bit of bone had slowly pierced the skin.

Matilda was operated on, and struggled to eat anything to begin with as it was very uncomfortable for her to chew. She did however, discover a new love for avocado, which was also a great way to help her put back on some of the weight she had lost. She is now back in her pen with Katrina, the rhesus macaque, and is enjoying her daily walks in the garden. Many of the staff now calls her 'Waltzing Matilda', as since the operation she has a gap between her teeth, and makes a very tuneful whistling noise when she breathes.

thugOne of the latest cats to be adopted by the Tree House, before Cinders, is settling in well and making himself very much at home. Thug, as he is now called, started coming in the house for food at night a few months ago. We were unsure of where he had come from, but it was clear that he was happy to be around the other cats, and obviously had a soft Papaspot for whiskas cat food.

Now, after about 3 months after Thugs arrival, another cat has started to appear for food. We are almost certain that he is Thugs father as they look extremely similar and have the same markings. The new cat is quite old and has lost some of his teeth, but that doesn't seem to have stopped his big appetite. He has been aptly named 'Papa'.

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