Christmas Increase

24th December 2009

As the local market is busier over Christmas, there has been the expected increase of dumped litters, and as usual some heartbreaking and some happy endings. One of the litters of kittens taken there had all died, although still warm when I found them. Everyone transports cats in bags or sacks, usually Hessian, but these had been transported in a plastic carrier bag and had clearly suffocated during the journey. However a litter of puppies left in one of the cages in the market were luckier, when 2 were offered new homes before I had even left from dropping them off at the main center.

On the monkey front Preston has found himself a mother substitute, but being Preston made the most awkward & difficult choice he could, when he decided on Nora. Nora is our oldest and most difficult to handle female, they only met in passing at monkey walking time and it was the mutual attraction of a long lost mother and son.

The problem is that Nora can only be safely handled by one member of staff and John, and also she lives with Chives, an aggressive male who cannot go in with any other monkeys.

Preston has been spending time in with 2 other adult females, Basanti & Ruby and just torments them with his usual antics, he also meets 2 others, Daisy and Sasha but has had no special interest in them, and only Nora it seems will do.

At the moment they are getting time together when there is someone available to handle Nora and we are hoping that he will eventually extend his affection to a more suitable female. From the start his behaviour when with Nora has been impeccable showing never before seen subservient responses.

Pixie has been under the weather with a cold for several days, which has meant he returned to staying with me overnight, now he's feeling better he doesn't think it's a good idea to go out into his pen at 9pm again, and has taken to hiding under the bedclothes in the hope I will forget to turf him out!



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